Partner with us

We work in partnership with our clients, building long term relationships.

We also build great relationships with our candidates and some have become repeat customers as their career progresses – the magic is in making the right connections between the two.

Talent Connect offers exclusive retained recruitment services. Retained recruitment allows us to truly work in partnership with you to achieve exceptional results, which we guarantee. 

Our clients get a great outcome without a lot of the pain and time wasting a recruitment process can often come with. 

Retained recruitment means we can provide a holistic 360° service, delivering value for our clients beyond the transactional side of the arrangement.

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We achieve an average of four weeks to place a candidate from the initiation of a retained recruitment project.

We offer value for money recruitment services saving you time and budget.

We back our methods 100% and guarantee a positive result.

Why choose us?

Working in partnership with Talent Connect our clients experience a dedicated, exclusive service that taps into our expertise and proven Retained Recruitment methods.

We’re efficient

We achieve an average of four weeks to place a candidate from the initiation of our retained recruitment process. A recent example is a client’s own recruitment drive for a highly complex role, which took almost two years and was unsuccessful. Talent Connect was able to source three qualified candidates, two were interviewed and an offer of employment was made within three weeks.

We guarantee a positive result

Our retained recruitment offers a guarantee of success, which means we work the role until it’s filled. We back our methods 100% and guarantee a positive result. We also offer a standard guarantee of three months for any candidate placed.

We stick to our values

Talent Connect charges a competitive fee based on a percentage of the salary for the role with our retained services. Our overall fees are lower in comparison to the average percentage fee within the recruitment industry. Your business also benefits from indirect cost savings  in the form of reduced staff time (including senior management, recruitment and support staff), as well as the opportunity costs where critical projects are effectively on hold until the role is filled. We can also offer negotiated rates for multiple vacancies.

Recruiting can be very time-consuming and in a tight labour market having a solid database of potential candidates is worth gold. Robbert assisted TLC in the recruitment of a senior manager, familiar with the NZ regulatory environment. Although initially it was hard to find the correct person, Robbert preserved and was great to work with, following up all potential leads and reaching out to a large number of candidates. Robbert’s regular check-ins and updates was a great way to make sure he was on the right track but also kept us updated on the situation and the market. Glad that we could land a great addition to the team, thanks Robbert! 😀

Gerhard Buitendach General Manager Network at The Lines Company